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The 21st Century Resume

I recently presented to a group of preservice teachers who are about to embark on a journey that will move them into teachers of record.  Excitement filled the room on the day I entered, hopeful eyes in anticipation, that I would share the knowledge to secure the job they have dreamed of.  But in a … Continue reading

The Push for Authenticity

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is being touted as a panacea for the emergence of emotional and behavioral issues that are abundant in schools across the country.  This push to develop students’ awareness of themselves, their goals and emotions, as well as the feelings of others, often comes prepackaged in a curriculum box with a range of … Continue reading

More than an Hour of Code

Ask the average 8 year old boy what he wants to be when he grows up and you will probably hear “make video games”.  Boys love video games because it gives them an opportunity to use their logic and reasoning skills in the context of a virtually crafted world that includes tools to build and … Continue reading

Tackling TPA 3: Assessment

Just like students have standards they must meet by the end of the school year, a preservice teacher must demonstrate competency in meeting teaching standards as well. Continue reading

Supporting English Language Learners

To make connections to the students we teach, teachers need to be aware of their own teaching practices. Continue reading

Teacher As Manager

Managing a classroom is a difficult task. Regardless of the age, grade or school environment each class will bring about management issues that a teacher simply cannot ignore.  A teacher is a manager whose primary role is to get students to complete tasks and support them in achieving goals. According to the Wall Street Journal (2015) … Continue reading

Life Lessons

In the field of education, the notion of “life-long learning” is valued as a highly desired quality for teachers.  In most preservice programs,  teacher education centers around the history of education and how it is ever evolving, educational trends and how things are changing, and the connection between learning theories and instructional practices.  Although many … Continue reading

Perspectives of Online Learning: From The Classroom Walls to the Digital Space

By Mr. Jeffrey Holt: As with most things to do with education, online K-12 learning has both negative and positive perspectives. Certainly, for students who need credit recovery, live in remote locations, suffer from medical maladies, or need multiple representations of content, online learning can, and does, create lifelines to education and training. “Although online … Continue reading

Opportunity Knocks But Will it Find You!

There is little doubt that the way we look for jobs and find new employment opportunities has changed in the past twenty years. From searching in the Sunday paper for listings, to vetting postings via online search engines, finding an “opportunity” has become the needle in the haystack.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor … Continue reading

What’s Missing From Teacher Prep

Ask any teacher and they can tell you a few stories about their first year teaching. More often than not we look back at the end of the school year and think about all thing things we could of done differently, better… That is what I love about this profession; you are always improving and striving to be your best. But sometimes being your best and doing what you love is not always valued or supported by the place where you work. Continue reading

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