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PD Worth Your Time?

Teacher Professional development is a critical means of shaping teachers practices especially in a time when reform initiatives require significant changes to the way teachers teach and students are assessed. There are numerous models in which teacher professional development is conducted however the end goal is the same, to improve teachers’ practice for the benefit of student learning. According … Continue reading

Teacher As Manager

Managing a classroom is a difficult task. Regardless of the age, grade or school environment each class will bring about management issues that a teacher simply cannot ignore.  A teacher is a manager whose primary role is to get students to complete tasks and support them in achieving goals. According to the Wall Street Journal (2015) … Continue reading

Life Lessons

In the field of education, the notion of “life-long learning” is valued as a highly desired quality for teachers.  In most preservice programs,  teacher education centers around the history of education and how it is ever evolving, educational trends and how things are changing, and the connection between learning theories and instructional practices.  Although many … Continue reading

The Art of Digital Reflection

The Art of Digital Reflection:  Reflective Teaching is a habit of mind that requires one to consciously think about how their teaching practice impacts student learning. With digital tools actively reflecting can take place anytime and anywhere.  But why should teachers spend their time pontificating about a class that is already dismissed? According to Kennedy (1989) … Continue reading

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